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Lamar Cares is an employee based organizational committee designed to support employees while building a family team environment.

Lamar Cares seeks to improve employees lives with compassion and does so by supporting their needs not met by conventional programs and policies.

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All funds come from Lamar Companies or subsidiary employees, primarily through

regular weekly paycheck donations.


All funds disbursed by Lamar Cares will be considered by the Lamar Cares committee and guided by the following questions:

  1. Will the disbursement contribute to the well-being of an employee?

  2. Will the action expose Lamar Companies to any adverse publicity, reputational risk, or jeopardize a business relationship?

  3. Is the disbursement going to the employee directly or another close family member or acquaintance?

  4. Are the funds going to be allocated to activities or purposes that fall within the charitable aims of Lamar Cares?

No funds provided by Lamar Cares will be used to further operational or business goals or expenses.

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